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2017 Scholarship Recipients & Graduates

4 Undergraduate Scholarships @ $500

Ashurina Emannuel

Aliza Khoshaba .jpg

Emita S.

Anthony Enwiya

Aliza Khoshaba

2 Graduate School Scholarships @ $1,500

Maryanna Yacoub

Tatiana Olivera

College Graduates

Antonella K. Yousif

Bachelor of Science in Human Biology from UC Merced

Ashorina Betsamo   Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies & Child Development from CSU Stanislaus

Christopher W. Aghassi   Bachelor or Arts in Business Administration w/ a minor in Computer Information Systems from CSU Stanislaus

Christopher P. Tamou   Bachelor of Science in Biology from UC Merced

Delilah Y. Youmara

Masters in Business Administration w/ a minor in Finance from CSU Stanislaus

Lana Mirza

Masters in Business Administration from

St. Mary's College of California

w/ Honors

Georget Oraha

Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from

CSU Stanislaus

Mathew Joseph

Bachelor of Science in Accounting from

CSU Stanislaus w/ Honors

Steven Lelham

Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing from CSU Stanislaus

Jessica S. Shamoon

Bachelor of Science in Finance from CSU Stanislaus

w/ Honors

Michael Joseph

Bachelor of Science in Operations Management from CSU Stanislaus w/ Honors

Judith M. Hermis, CPA

Ph.D in Accounting from University of Colorado

w/ Honors

Rameil Essa

Bachelor of Science in Finance from

San Jose State University

Orhi Amino

Pharm D. from University of Pacific - School of Pharmacy

High School Graduates

Dylan David

Joseph A. Gregori High School

w/ Honors

Andrew Enwiya

Fred C. Beyer High School

Nirona Karamsanger   Central Valley High School

Rose Deryawish

Fred C. Beyer High School

Edessa Essa

Modesto Christian

High School

Adourin Malco

Pitman H. High School

Ziya Ziya

Turlock High School

w/ Honors

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